Zenith Winding Handle Manual Standing Desk   Advance from sitting to standing e...

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  Zenith Winding Handle Standing Desk Leg Frame.   Advance from sitting to standi...

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Zenith Electric Push Button Standing Desk Leg Frame   Easy to Assemble - Easy to Oper...

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    Zenith Electrically Powered Standing Desk   Affordable Electric Stand...

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The E:lift Transition Height Adjustable Standing Desks. Provides all that you need in one simple sy...

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    E:Lift Transition Electric Standing Desk Leg Frame. 5 Year Guarantee ! S...

£499.50 + VAT

We Are Quality Adjustable Standing Desks Suppliers:

Welcome to StandingDesks4U.com . The site is dedicated to offering a limited but well tested and researched selection of quality products built with excellence and value for money in mind. These Height Adjustable Standing Desks will provide many years of trouble-free performance, enhancing not only your general well-being, but also improving your fitness and productivity both at work and leisure.

Worth Reading Before You Decide To Buy.

We know that price is important but when buying a standing desk please be aware that in the past year or so a number of manufacturers have tried to enter the market offering what may appear to be good value products but in fact they are usually of inferior quality to the established brands. When you decide to buy a standing desk please ensure that you receive a genuine and enforceable guarantee on the product. One of the biggest headaches is what happens when the product goes wrong ? Usually this will mean a long job trying to find out who can fix it and infact what is wrong with it. Most sellers will offer a back to base guarantee for a period from one year to five years. The five year guaranteed product will usually be more expensive but will provide much greater peace of mind in the event of a product failure. Lastly , find out a little more about the supplier , no point in having a guarantee if when you need it , the supplier is no longer trading.

StandingDesks4U.com is a specialist division of HeightAdjustableDesks.com a UK leading supplier in the online promotion and support of a healthier lifestyle. The products on offer on this site are from the established range offered by HeightAdjustableDesks.com . HeightAdjustableDesks.com has been established for over 8 years and in that time has tried and tested all of the height adjustable mechanisms available and been able to be selective in offering only the best products available.

Standing Desks, Height Adjustable Desks and Sit Stand Desks are changing the way we work forever !

Buy a Standing Desk for a Healthy, Happy Lifestyle & Improved Well being :

Our winding handle and electric standing desks belong in the modern office, where flexible working, hot desking and a stylish domain lends itself to a happy and healthy lifestyle both in and out of the office. A comfortable working environment benefits both the employee and employer, inducing greater creative workflow and increased productivity.

If you spend long hours sat at your desk, the option to be able to stand and work freely for periods of time can be enormously beneficial. Alternating between sitting and standing will improve circulation and relieve back and other bodily strain caused by sitting for long periods. Therefore not only a must for comfort but also by adapting to the needs of your body this ergonomic device will significantly improve health and safety whilst you work.

At StandingDesks4U.com, we combine quality and functionality to provide a world class range of affordable height adjustable tables, standing desks and ergonomic height adjustable desks.  We offer a variety of mechanisms including; fully electric standing desks, motorised height adjustable standing desks with built-in memory control; crank-handle winding variable height standing desks; and manually adjustable, set and forget desk units.
 Electric Height Adjustable Tables improve comfort and productivity in Offices , Factories  & Home Offices infact almost everywhere!

Buy with confidence from one of the UK`s leading  Height Adjustable Standing Desk Suppliers.

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